About Dr. Waldron

About Dr. John Waldron

Dr. John Waldron is a Harvard trained orthodontist. He also specializes in the treatment of the Temporomandibular Joint, or TMJ. He completed...

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Looking for the Beautiful Smile? Suffering from Migraine Headaches? Fibromyalgia pain?
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Treating Fibromyalgia

Facts on Treating TMD

Depending upon the severity of the problem there are several treatment options available to treat Fibromyalgia. Muscle contraction and tension-type or temporal...

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Welcome to Waldron Orthodontics

Whole Health Orthodontics

Orthodontics is an amazing science and one which has opened doors to treat problems not traditionally recognized as being associated with teeth. Even the world of traditional orthodontics is not so traditional anymore. In the past few years, advances in technology have greatly changed the way we diagnosis and treat patients. Dr. Waldron is on the leading-edge of technology from our state-of-the-art radiography equipment to the wires that we use to connect the braces...all are the very finest and most sophisticated available.

A beautiful smile is a gift of a lifetime. Most of our patients don't realize the difference that a beautiful and functional smile can make until they complete treatment. The positive reinforcement and comments that most receive are reward enough and help our patients build confidence and self-assuredness for the rest of their lives.

TMJ Specialists

Treatment of the Temporomandibular Joint commonly referred to as TMJ, is a specialized area of dentistry. TMJ is a paired joint where the mandible (lower jaw) meets the temporal bone (base of the skull) just forward of the ears. Since it is a paired joint, the right and left sides must function together in harmony. This is a very complex joint; in fact, the Temporomandibular Joint could be the most complex joint in the body.

It is a very interesting area of study but can be an area of nagging pain and discomfort for patients. You can imagine the strain that we place on this joint as we breathe, talk, eat, and swallow (2,000 times) on a daily basis as well as clench and grind teeth. It is no wonder that 34% of the population reports some level of disorder in the TMJ. This disorder is referred to as TMD, Temporomandibular Disorder.

There are several adverse conditions of a dysfunctional jaw that can cause pain and or discomfort directly to the jaw area. Astonishing as it may seem, TMJ treatment can help to cure seemingly non-related problems as well. Migraine headaches otherwise treated with medications can, in a very high percentage of cases, be cured with the proper treatment of the TMJ. Believe it or not even psychological disorders can be improved with TMJ therapy.

About Dr. Waldron

Dr. John Waldron is a Harvard-trained orthodontist. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Waldron is proud to be your affordable family orthodontist in Brunswick, Medina, and Strongsville, Ohio.